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Andre Solomko & Vinyl Jam

The latest release from Vinyl Jam is a mixture of jazz- rock and funky grooves with a feeling and edgy melodism reminiscent of a « big movie » soundtrack.

Buddy Sativa

Buddy Sativa, known for his skills as a beatmaker, has just dropped his first album as producer-composer of an exceptional jazz opus.

Cléon & Jazzy Pidjay

United through their love of music and hip-hop culture, Cléon & Jazzy Pidjay always provides heavy breaks sounds with a latin flavor!!

Dwilt Sharp

Bathed in influences such as Debra Derbyshire, Soft Machine, Herbie Hancock, or Hiroshi Teshigahara to name just a few, sex and and duality are the key players for Dwilt Sharpp.


Produced by Patchworks and featuring a brilliant backing band and vocals, Hawa is definitely the hot surprise of the Soul music scene!


After productions for artists such as Drake or Slakah the Beatchild, French producer Häzel presented his first solo project on Catblock Records

Joao Selva

Jonathan « Matuto » Da Silva and Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart, embarking us for a trip into the heart of the Tropicalist Pop influences of Jorge Ben, the intoxicating Funk of Tim Maia, and the social poetry of Vinicius de Moraes.


Following previous ventures with The Funk League, french producer Hugo LX returns with a new collective project under his KenJaNaï’ alias.

Lee McDonald

Lee McDonald is an underated american soul singer from the late 70s, which Favorite Recordings has brought back under the light with the very first release of the label.

Lucas Arruda

Lucas Arruda is a young keyboardist and producer from Brazil. After an early carrer in his native Brazil, he’s released 2 solo albums with Favorite


King MATO at the control!! Heavy Dub & Reggae covers as a result…

Mr Day

Soulful sounds and lots of love for classic Curtom, with Curtis indebted vocals on some numbers, as well as some Northern Soul vibe.


French famous beatmaker who’s started his « Chinoiseries » series at Favorite Recordings.

Pat Kalla

PAT KALLA is a musician, singer and storyteller. He offers us an anti-crisis project, where swaying and feel-good humor is mandatory! An album soon in the crates, beware « c’est médicament » (it’s medicine)!!

Patchworks aKa Mr President

If you’ve ever been shaking your ass and belly over Joe Bataan’s stuff, then you know what we mean!! Raw, soulful, groovy!.

The Dynamics

Heavy hitters in the reggae-soul category for more than 10 years, here comes The Dynamics!!

The Funk League

After a series of singles with the likes of Large Professor, Sadat X or Diamond D, The Funk League, aka Hugo LX and Soulbrother DJ Suspect, have released their first LP in 2011.


Pursuing their explorations in the vast corridors of international Funk and Disco music, Favorite Recordings and Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart present us Voilaaa.