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Hiram & Direct – Love Flight (7inch, Re)

Favorite Recordings presents this new single reissue released by SOL Discos, a new sub-label launched as a partnership between Pascal Rioux and DJ Waxist.


Crystal – Music Life (LP, Reissue)

Favorite Recordings proudly presents this new official album reissue of « Music Life » by Crystal!!


Magic Source – Lovestruck (EP)

Here comes « Lovestruck », first single by Magic Source, including exclusive remixes by Africaine 808, Voilaaa and Patchworks.

28 avr 2016

Magic Source is a new project led by producer Björn Wagner (Mighty Mocambos, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band…), renowned for creating an authentic and hard-hitting raw funk sound.

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26 avr 2016

We proudly presents this new official album reissue of « An Eye For An Eye » by Byrne & Barnes: A rare WestCoast/AOR/Modern-Soul masterpiece!!

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21 avr 2016

Mato is back with another target for his special skills as a tailor of reggae music, this time focusing on musical themes from classic movies.

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Voilaaa – On te l’avait dit (LP)

Following its recent acclaimed single, here comes Voilaaa’s first LP!!

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