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Lemy, whose real name is Shorte Lisika Lemy was born on November 27th 1984 in a Paris suburb. His musical exploration began early, between traditional African music, New Jack, Jazz, French pop and hip-hop, surrounded by his five brothers and four sisters who kept fighting for the family stereo… psychedelic amalgam from which Lemy still nowadays feeds his insatiably.

Later, the young “Leopard” makes ​​his debut with a Yamaha synthesizer offered by his brother. This rudimentary model on which he practices and learns to exploit all the possibilities will eventually help him take ownership of any machine with relative ease and speed. He then learns by himself how to play the piano and begins composing.

In the 90′s, New Jack leads him naturally towards electronic music, but he receives his first musical slap with Snoop Dog’s famous « Doggystyle ». This is the G-Funk area. Lemy then produces very quickly for some friends and starts rapping with them. This experiment did not last, but it nevertheless marked the beginning of his musical venture.

In just a few years, Lemy has deepened his knowledge, perfecting his technique and refining his style. Now influenced by the production of Devante Swing, Flying Lotus, Pharell, Teddy Riley, Kerri Chandler, Larry Heard or Yuzo Koshiro, the Leopard has dropped everything to devote himself entirely to his passion for music (still, he didn’t forget to graduate… not such a crazy cat…)

Slowly, he reaches a maturity that allows him to release « Visualizm”, his first album which will help get him noticed in several hotspots in Paris (Alphonse, the Den’s, The Batofar, the OPA) and more generally in France (the Soulfood, Chamonix and La Fee Verte in Lyon). These performances earn him a growing fan base and professional recognition.

In November 27th 2010, he continues his recording adventure and releases his second EP « From The Jungle » on Qalomota Records, one of the oldest and most respected house label in France. A week after its release, « From The Jungle » instantly ranked N° 4 on iTunes and N° 4 on BM Soho UK (one of the largest vinyl sellers in England) right behind Maya Janes Coles…. Despite the excitement generated by this EP, Lemy continues to work hard and regularly delivers high quality remixes for labels such as Kolorit Records (DE), Watermark (DE), Love Not Money (UK) or Favorite Recordings (FR).

Today, back on Favorite Recordings, which reactivates the Rotax Disques imprint for the occasion, he presents his new EP, « S.A.F.A.R.I. », to be released January 24th 2012 through all download platforms. And it is in good Leopard style that Lemy, never satiated, is already planning to deliver many more surprises for your ears…