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Lemy Leopard – S.A.F.A.R.I. EP

Born in a Parisian suburb and now based in Quebec, Lemy Leopard’s back on Favorite Rec, after his recent fiery remix of « The Best Is Yet To Come » by Mr President. Remembering the good memories of Rotax Disques (first label launched by Pascal Rioux before Favorite), with an uninhibited and finely brutal Deep-House sound, Lemy is thus naturally offered to reactive the dormant label with a new project. The result is called « S.A.F.A.R.I. », a true dancefloor killer with a Detroit touch, that will be released in Digital on January 24th, 2012.


  • Lefto ( / BBE): « Definitely great coming from Montreal’s friend Lemy… Sounds groovy to me. »
  • Mad Mats (Local Talk Records / Raw Fusion): « Deepah and Stay But House me got that raw jackin’ house sound…will support! Thanks! »
  • James Barrie/Global Souljah (Jeffe): « Quality raw house vibes… »
  • Frank Dubya (Shook Mag): « ‘Stay But House Me’ is heavy! Looking forward to more from Rotax Disques! »
  • Dj Kwak (Fm Brussel / Strictly Niceness): « Overall excellent release by Lemy L … « Deepah  » and « Stay but house me » will get support for sure … »
  • ES / DJ Erik The Red (Giant Step / Bastard Jazz): « Digging deeeep »
  • DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul.Com): « Stay But House Me is killer! »
  • DJ Scribe (I Love Vinyl / « In this case, the third cut is the deepah-st : ) solid release. »
  • Jason Villani/DJ Lord Lewis (WESU 88.1 FM sub music director Funk & Soul): « Sweet beats. »
  • Jeremy Sole (KCRW / Radio Host / DJ): « Flashes me back to some late-night deep-and-dirty Chicago loft parties of my youth. »Stay But House Me » is passing the headphone test with flying colors. Bang-the-crowd test to follow shortly! »
  • (We Are… On Air / !K7): « Ooops! Didnt I check that earlier or did I lose my mind inbetween the years? This is massive! Just up my alley. Great attitude, great sounds: great fun! »