Favorite Recordings proudly presents Lovestruck, first single by Magic Source, including exclusive remixes by Africaine 808, Voilaaa and Patchworks.

Magic Source is a project led by producer Björn Wagner (Mighty Mocambos, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, Mocambo Records), who is renowned for creating an authentic and hard-hitting raw funk sound. Following a few acclaimed single releases on Favorite Recordings over the past few years, the French label deeply wanted to collaborate further with the German combo, for a special and exclusive project bringing their music on new paths. This new adventure is also a step towards a new style, an analog-electronic disco and cosmic sound.

Followed later this year by a full album, Lovestruck immediately reveals this new course, combining raw live band recording and the refined production aesthetics of the disco era, with an organic 21st century club feeling. While maintaining an unedited yet highly hypnotic four-on-the-floor groove, Magic Source leaves the old beaten track of cheesy disco pop and overheard dance classics.

To provide this great single package with nonesuch dancefloor assets, Favorite Recordings filled it up with an exclusive remix by uprising Berlin producer duo Africaine 808, and two other hot renditions by label mates Voilaaa and Patchworks.

(Favorite Recordings / vinyl 12inch & Digital / April 25th 2016)