Produced by Walter Mecca aKa Dal-Gren, “Muscles” is a banging 90’s-beat flavored tune extracted from Bonnie Banane’s 1st EP, Greatests Tits. Recently highlighted with a great DIY video also made by Walter, it’s quickly been acclaimed by many bloggers and DJs. At Favorite Recordings, we also believe it deserves a spinning on your turntables! For the occasion, we’ve arranged a photo shooting with brilliant French photographer Lisa Roze (Keren Ann, M & Sean Lennon, Leon Ware & Quadron,…), resulting in a tasty label artwork. And we fatten the sound thanks to a new mastering made at Carvery Studio (UK).

(Ltd oneside 7inch including signed postcard / February 19th 2013)


About Walter

Discreet and prolific figure of a new French musical scene, obsessional producer mainly feeding himself with muesli, biscuits and VCRs, and quoting references such as G.A Romero, Herbie Hancock, Ice-T, or Kid Chameleon, Walter Mecca is an hybrid artist. With several singles and one LP released on Favorite Recordings, he’s also responsible for the creation of his own label, called Weirdata.

Since he started among a rap crew in the early 90s, he never stopped surprising and transforming himself, wearing several hats (rapper, producer, director) and adapting his musical identities under various alter-egos. From the Cut Basic series (released as Dal-gren), to Gaab Squaad, or Breaking Point, we ride through heavy soundfields, hardly classifiable, naturally zigzaging with his skills between meta-hip-hop, destructured House and dirty Nu-Jazz, haunted by synthesizers, talkbox and subliminal.

About Bonnie

When Bonnie Banane started making music it was so compulsive that she did it first with her dictaphone, then her computer eventually. Initiated early to American music played loud in the car, she’s still inspired by this original packaging (Cameo, Stevie Wonder, Above The Rim, Janet Jackson, Boys II Men …), but also by some late discoveries (Slum Village Nini Raviolette, Moondog, Bahamadia, Gerard Depardie, …).

Distilling intuitively psychedeliquo-suave and hypnotiquo-tropical vocals, with post-feminist lyrics, sometimes explicit, sometimes inarticulate, Bonnie Banane has delivered her 1st EP called “Greatest Hits” in collaboration with Walter Mecca.