The story begins in 1996 under the name Rotax Disques and under the leadership of Pascal Rioux (DJ & Producer). Surrounded by many performers from Lyon (FR), he quickly starts producing a few gems, positioning himself as a precursor in France, where the House and Deep House scene is still stammering at the time.

Immediately, the label meets international recognition and after nearly 25 releases, Pascal clearly felt the need to broaden the scope of the label. Thus in 2006 he launched Favorite Recordings and since then, the label is home to over 20 bands and solo artists, including The Dynamics (reggae soul), Mr. Day (pop soul), Mr. President (funk rare groove), Onra (beats & hip hop), Häzel (beats / neo-soul), The Real Fake MC (old school hip hop), Dwilt Sharpp (alternative electro funk), Trevor & Lisa (funk live band), Buddy Sativa (jazz), The Funk League (old school hip hop), Modo Solar (brazilian soul), Lorett Fleur (electro soul), Hawa (northern soul), Cléon (funk breaks), Joyzza (jazz soul), King Mato (reggae), Walter Mecca (hip hop beats) and many more…

In this 4th volume of the “Favorite All Stars” compilations series, the label have selected 14 varied tracks, enlighting the best of 2012 releases and a few tasty reminders. Amongst them, the Funk anthem “Left & Right” by Mr President, Mr Day’s deep and raw cover of the classic “Queen Of The Minstrels” by The Eternals, or a new and digitally unreleased track by Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay, already strongly supported by tastemakers DJs such as Gilles Petersson, LeFto, Laurent Garnier, or Craig Charles to name just a few…


Released in all Digital stores on December 7th 2012


  1. The Melton Brothers – “Iʼll Take You There”
  2. Mr President – “Left & Right”
  3. Lee McDonald – “Gotta Get Home”
  4. The Funk League – “Through Good & Bad (Feat. Large Professor) [Breaking North Mix]”
  5. Mr Day – “Right On”
  6. Modo Solar – “Sunshine”
  7. Cléon – “Samba à l’aéroport”
  8. The Dynamics – “For the Love of Money” (7 Samurai Disco Remix)
  9. Onra – “I Wanna Go Back”
  10. Mr Day – “Queen of The Minstrels”
  11. Walter Mecca – “Disco Rouge”
  12. Hazël – “Still Wanna Do U”
  13. Joyzza – “If I Ruled The World”
  14. Viridiana – “My Happiness (Feat. Mr Day)”