On this first album, Buddy Sativa decided to push further the field of his musical expression by venturing into a style that feeds him more and more: jazz music.

He delivers an album with a retro sound, full of African and classical vibes, giving the strong illusion that several musicians came together to interpret his compositions. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Putting on his usual one-man band suit, he sometimes plays, sometimes programs all the instrumental parts, applying to restore the original feeling and true spirit of the instruments he used, from the bass and drums, to the vibraphone, flute and percussions.

Samples are therefore proscribed from the project with the exception of one track, “Bakari is Marejeo” which means “The Return of Bakari” in Swahili.

The track awakens the spirit of Nina Simone (voiceless though, the track being instrumental!) and it is worth mentioning that its bass and some other elements are based on samples taken from the song “Indigo” from The Pyramids, one of Buddy’s recent inspirations.

On the only featuring of the album, “Indica”, he meets again with Onra after their recent “Peripecia”, but this time he lets his MPCs on the side.

This amazing collaboration, where each track was recorded live and without any edit, offers us a pure session of free jazz improvisation and sees Buddy giving Onra the bass, the vibraphone and a rain stick for an amazing result!

As for the rest … we let you the pleasure to discover it for yourself!

James Barrie (Global Souljah/BBE): « Sounds amazing!!”

King Britt: “Sick!!”

Tomas Palermo (SF Weekly / KUSF / XLR8R / FACT): “Fantastic real jazz music. Buddy Sativa puts a fresh spin on modal jazz, honoring the roots but making it fresh for modern heads. This sound is where it’s at.”

Paris Pompor (Groovescooter/AUS): “Wow – sounding deep and very tasty.”

Michael Rutten (Soulsearching Radio Shows/GER): “This is very surprising and yes hot at the same time, sounding very much original like the masters.”

M.Path.IQ (We Are…/De:bug/GER): “What a beauty it is.”

Simon Harrison (Basic Soul Show/UK): “It’s wonderful. I NEED to play this on my show :o”