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The Dynamics – Money Remixes EP

Following the recent release of their 2nd longplayer, « 180.000 Miles & Counting », The Dynamics are back in 2012 with a dope remixes package of their new single « For the Love of Money ».

We couldn’t resist to ask the mysterious bootleg Kings 7 Samurai (GAMM) to do a remix, and he turned the track in a massive Reggae-Disco version.

There are lots of Steel Funk recordings by huge orchestras from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. We were wondering what would become « For The Love of Money » in their hands, the answer is given by the master of Deep Funk, The Mighty Mocambos, with the participation of the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band.

Released March 19th 2012 on 12inch & Digital.



  • Alex Kenning (Radio 1 Producer – Gilles Peterson / Judge Jules / Roger Sanchez): « Great thanks! »
  • Nick (Record Kicks / Italy): « Wicked stuff, excellent job by 7samurai.  A great dancefloor mover… bravo! »
  • Michael Reinboth (Compost Medien GmbH & Co. KG): « nice ride and flow I LIKE, I LIKE, I LIKE,  THANKS »
  • Frank Dubya (SHOOK Mag): « Pockets linted? Forget the ‘pinch’, ‘squeeze’ and ‘crunch’, bet it all on black…7 Samurai’s disco rub breaks the bank! »
  • Jason Pulaski (KUCI 88.9fm / Ubiquity Records): « The 7samurai mix is the winner here! Will be playing. »
  • Miles Bonny (Innate Sounds / Melting Pot Music): « I love the air and funk. Reverb heavy and good. Music for music’s sake. I like that »
  • DJ Solespin (The Suite Delight (CJLO Radio)): « The 7 Samurai mix of For The Love of Money is a modern-day, dubbed out, funkdafied dance floor track. Loving it! »
  • Jeremy Sole (KCRW / Afro Funke / theLIFT // DJ & Radio Host): « Taaasty. All of these are on really point but as a cat who loves a good steel drum cover version, Mocambo keeps it authentic yet gives it one of these modern day booty transplants. »
  • Mike Chadwick (Jazz FM / UK): « Lovin the steel pans, 7 Samurai on the money (tee hee) »
  • Julius (LDBK radio): « I’ll play it for sure but… show me the money first ;)  »
  • Merijn Tiemessen (Wicked Jazz Sounds): « Wel def get some airplay on Dutch radio! »
  • Mark Milz (« FURTHERIN FUSION » @ Radio Corax 95.9fm (Germany)): « 7 samurai for the win !!! »