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Joyzza – If I Ruled The World

Joyzza & The Joyous Juice present their first single, « If I Ruled The World / She Song », released March 26th 2012 on Digital.

These tracks, recorded at Colorblind Studios in Paris, are part of a project including Joy Poirel, a Franco-British singer-songwriter, and the three musicians who gave her the great honor of playing with her; Florian “Flow” Pellissier on keys, Thibaut Brandalise on drums and Virgile Raffaeli on bass.

Inspired by jazz, soul and hip-hop, the idea was to freely mix programmed music and samples with live improvisation. The A side is a cover of Nas’ tremendous “If I Ruled the World”… Nuff said. The B side, “She Song”, is an original track. First created as part of an ongoing collaboration with Markus Klammer, aka Glammalicious of Main Concept/58 Beats in Germany, this is the Colorblind’s “let it rip and see where it goes” version, including a tribute to the great Leon Ware…

Joyzza & The Joyous Juice – If I Ruled The World by Favorite Recordings


  • Lefto ( / BBE): « Sounds good like it is…. »
  • Julius (LDBK radio): « Honey to my ears »
  • DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul.Com): « Beautiful Jazzy Goodness! »
  • Jon Dale (Writer / Dusted Mag): « Sounding nice, thanks for the tip! »
  • DJ Tomas (Google Music / Friday Night Session / KUSF): « Brilliant, soulful, great music. A really strong single! »
  • Julius (LDBK radio): « Honey to my ears »
  • Miles Bonny (INnatesounds / Melting Pot Music): « Love it – light – a new cover akin to a Roy Ayers sunshine »
  • (We Are… On Air / !K7): « Very niiice version of If I Ruled The World. Support! »
  • Steinbild (SOULKOMBINAT): « Like a warm summer breeze. »
  • James Barrie (Audio Texture): « Nice version of a classic tune »
  • Simon Harrison (Basic Soul Radio Show): « Two class tracks.. Love them »
  • Merijn Tiemessen (Wicked Jazz Sounds): « Sounds ok like it is! »
  • Mike Chadwick (Jazz FM / UK): « Summertime, summertime, beeeooootiful vibes »
  • Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club (Hamburg/Germany) + Out Of Spectrum @ « Nice one! Summer is coming – even if the weather isn’t like that. But the music makes you feel so! Lovely Laidback soundtrack to relax. »
  • Mars Blackmon (Radio Grenouille): « Soulful and groovy. Will play it in Hangtime Radio Show for sure! »
  • Robert Lochmann ( / Jazzmadas): « Sounds lovely »
  • MusiK Please (Blog): « Groovy !! Sunshine.. Love »