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Viridiana – My Happiness (Feat. Mr Day)

Lead singer and backing vocalist for various artists, Viridiana started composing her first songs since 2004 in collaboration with « MIKHA », arranger and producer, also known as a member of the band Trevor & Lisa.

Around the MPC, they shape and look for sounds together. Today they are working on an album around samples included the first single « My Happiness ». Coming with a nice remix by Taggy Matcher on the B side.

Released in Digital on February 13th 2012, by Favorite Recordings.


  • Gilles Peterson (Coffee Maker): « Always a pleasure »
  • Laurent Garnier (DJ / Le Mouv’): « Taggy Matcher rules as always — will playlist on the radio —-Yes yes yessss »
  • Jay Scarlett (Ampsoul/Set It Off/Beat Dimensions): « Whats Beauty, Nice Acoustic driven delight. In the show. Bless. »
  • Frank Dubya (SHOOK Mag): « Stripped back acoustic chords, congas and vibes blossom into a dreamy soul lounger for Springtime lovers…Here’s to birds, bees, you and me baby. »
  • DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul.Com): « Loving this. Getting my skank on to this! »
  • James Barrie (Audio Texture / Global Souljah): « Nice, simple but effective soul vibes. It’s all about the original cut for me. »
  • Merijn Tiemessen (Wicked Jazz Sounds): « Lovely song! Will def play it on Dutch radio! »
  • Mars Blackmon (Radio Grenouille): « Brilliant ! Hangtime radio show tonight’s Track of the Week ! »
  • Ginger Tony (Solar radio / Soul Survivors): « I can see the end to the winter months… Smooth & quite beautiful. Taggy Matcher’s remix adds yet more cool to this tidy groove. « 
  • Andy Wilson (Dj and radio producer at Ibiza Sonica): « Two great voices together with a sweet song, love the simple arrangements and warm vinyl sounds on the original mix »
  • Robert Lochmann (Radio X): « Beautiful 70ies retro track »
  • Mike Chadwick (Broadcaster/Jazz FM): « Sounds quality to me, looking forward to playing it loud tonight! »