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Mounam (my child in Douala, dialect of Cameroun) is in the musical world for more than 18 years. Autodidact, she discovered the trade of singer in clubs, through covers of soul, jazz, funk, reggae, or blues songs. The diversity of her repertory enables her to develop a broad and varied vocal register.

Later she recorded and toured with bands like Maezah (Afro acapella band/Fr), Colorblind (electro/Plein Gaz – Fr), Slovo Nommo (Rufflife Record/UK), Nutropic (electro latin jazz/Fr), Metropolitan Jazz Affair or MJA (electro – jazz/le Maquis – Fr) and Mr President (Favorite Recordings – Fr). Since 2003, she’s been touring with the Soul/Reggae/Dub band The Dynamics (Big Single – Fr/Groove Attack – Germany) in Europe and Japan, sharing the stage with Arrested Devellopment, The Streets, the rapper Ty or Chemical Brothers.

She’s also workin’ on her own project. We are all waiting for her first single « What Needs Mama » with the backin’ band Trevor & Lisa in february 2010.