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Buddy Sativa has been leading a quiet and solitary quest for over 10 years in the music industry. Composer, arranger, and veteran « beatmaker », he not only masters percussions, he’s also a self-taught keyboard addict. Delivering an incredible variety of styles in his production, he is known by his relatives as a chameleon and there are only a few styles he did not play with for fun or necessity, exploring the broad sphere of his musical influences.

It was in high school when he revealed his interest in composition and lived his first experience with a band, after which he gradually equipped with machines and later went on to pursue his passion on his own. A little later, the acquisition of a sampler allows him to engage in the production of hip-hop and leads him to tap into his personal collection of vinyl records: sampling becomes an additional and important component of his music.

Finally, the arrival of the C.A.M revolutionized his way of working, integrating in one machine all the tools he needs, and beyond… Buddy is therefore caught between two worlds and strives to make it a strength, even if he secretly regrets not being an accomplished instrumentalist. The machines, which he loves and curses because they can enslave him, eventually became his prison, but also his best means of creative expression.