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« My Love Is Underground » compilation!

Jeremy a.k.a. ‘Underground Paris’ is a renowned record collector & crate-digger. He is the founder of « My Love Is Underground », a vinyl-only label that’s been responsible for the revival of the « authentic House groove » in Europe recently. Also a DJ, he travels all over Europe every week-end to spread his message!

Pascal Rioux has worn many hats in the music industry over the past 15 years: Founder of Favorite Recordings, Rotax Disques and Big Single labels, he’s also known for his many Deep-House productions in the late 90′s.

When those two House lovers met they immediately got along, building the idea of reissuing some obscure gems on a compilation. This is what My Love Is Underground is all about: a triple LP with 12 rare, underrated or unknown tunes from the golden days of House music, finely picked in Jeremy’s collection!



PARIS RELEASE: March 8th at BETINO’S RECORD SHOP (apéro de 16h à 21h!!). After that: Mona @ La Java (with Nick V, Pascal Rioux & Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’) to celebrate! Save the date!

WORLDWIDE RELEASE: From March 14th in all the good physical /online shops!